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cuboro - the marble track for a lifetime
With our marble track system we want to be with you for your whole life. Whether young or old you will be fascinated and also challenged according your abilities. Get yourself involved with cuboro and enjoy the playing pleasure with the tricky beech wood cubes. By the way, you are holding a piece of Swiss wood in your hands.

The cuboro-system
cuboro is a quality construction toy. The central elements for the construction of the marble runs are contained in the basic sets. There are more possibilities with supplementary sets and sixpacks. In addition there is a cuboro book with a lot of ideas and construction plans.

cuboro is an ecological Swiss high-quality product

cuboro is exclusively manufactured of Swiss beech wood from the Emmental/Oberaargau region. For over 20 years, the processing has been in the hands of a highly specialized joinery, a family business, in this area.
The high-quality processing of the untreated cubes guarantees durable playing pleasure. Since 2006 our quality toys are solely manufactured of FSC accredited beech wood, meaning wood coming from exemplary cultivated forests.

Over the years the cuboro system has been honoured with awards such as:

cuboro standard – the classical basic set

This set with 54 cubes contains all necessary elements to construct simple or complex and long track systems.

Contents: 54 elements, natural beech wood, 3 marbles

CU111 cuboro standard, 54 kuber 1 454,00 kr

cuboro basis – the smaller starter set

With 30 cubes, it is the little brother of cuboro standard. All important elements are provided.

Contents: 30 elements, natural beech wood, 3 marbles

CU117 cuboro basis, 30 kuber 980,00 kr

cuboro plus – the acceleration set

An ideal supplementary set for the cuboro marble track with 6 additional functions likely to stimulate the pleasure of the game. Cubes 15 and 16 make it possible to extend the even tracks by accelerating the marble.

Contents: 24 elements, natural beech wood, 3 marbles

CU113 cuboro plus, 24 kuber 820,00 kr

cuboro multi – the magic box

With 9 new functions for even more ingenious courses. The new functions enable you to build in more invisible sections. The elements 22 and 23 set your marbels jumping. Element 29 leaves it to chance, which branch the marble will follow.

Contents: 24 elements, natural beech wood, 3 marbles

CU115 cuboro multi, 24 kuber 839,00 kr

cuboro metro – the tube system

With 8 new functions. cuboro metro is designed with inward systems to inspire new game possibilities. The marble may disappear from the surface into the tunnels only to show up later at a very new location. The tunnel elements 43/44/45 and 46 make up the «heart-part» of cuboro metro allowing a change of direction without a change in level.

Contents: 24 elements, natural beech wood, 3 marbles

CU119 cuboro metro, 24 kuber 933,00 kr

cuboro profi – the mental exercise

With 9 new functions. For the skilled cuboro player it presents a real challenge: based on the mathematical and geometrical principles of cuboro it allows the construction of even more complex systems. You will be intrigued by the multiple functions of the new elements.

Contents: 24 elements, natural beech wood, 3 marbles

CU118 cuboro profi, 24 kuber 895,00 kr

cuboro duo – the pair runs

The twin-track elements of cuboro duo extend the track for an additional marble. Using two marbles a race can be started. Special elements serve as links to combine the traditional one-track cuboro elements with the twin-track elements of cuboro duo.

Contents: 24 elements, natural beech wood, 3 marbles

CU112 cuboro duo, 24 kuber 1 064,00 kr

cuboro building cubes

24 elements are used as building cubes or to be added to the cuboro marble track system.

Contents: 24 elements, natural beech wood

CU120 cuboro building cubes, 24 kuber 596,00 kr
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